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07:30 - 08:50

Technology is shaping consumers behavior – how the retail industry is transforming to the digital era

Opening Remarks

  • Ms. Leah Balter, Director Digital & Analytics at Bunnings Warehouse
  • Mr. Roy Saadon, VP & Head of Product Technology, Wing Tai ASIA Holdings Singapore

Panel 1: Tackling the increased danger of fraud and identity theft through online retail platforms (Moderated by Ms. Rochelle Ives)

  • Riskified- eCommerce Revenue Protection & Fraud Prevention
  • Secured Touch- Mobile Gesture-Based Authentication and Fraud Detection

Panel 2: How does AI and Data Analytics are harnessed to generate value and profits while enabling shopping experience (Moderated by Mr. Jeremy Ungar)

  • Donde Search- AI Visual Discovery
  • Spark Beyond- AI-Powered Problem Solving Platform

Conclusion Remarks

11:30 - 12:40

"The future of the retailers"

Opening Remarks

Keynote Speaker:

  • Mr. Massimo Volpe- Co-Founder Retail Hub

Pitching of 4 IL companies (7.5 min each):

  • Shelfy
  • Civalue
  • Curve

Q&A and Conclusion

17:00 - 18:05

Israeli Retail solution- Pitching session for Latin America

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Opening Remarks

  • Mrs. Taly Segal-Ordentlich, Consul, Head of the Economic and Trade Mission to Rio

Pitching of 5 IL companies:

  • Bringg
  • Byond
  • IntraPosition
  • Riskified
  • Shekel Brainweigh

Q&A and Conclusion